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The Process of Creating a Remarkable Logo Design

An effective logo design needs to be original, striking, and easily recognizable to your target market. It should also fit in with your company’s brand message. A logo can be abstract or literal but it must be able to set your company apart from its competitors. A logo of professional quality might need the expertise of a logo designer.

The Process Unfolds

Designing an effective logo is a far from simple task which needs considerable coordination between your marketing team and designer. You need to have a clear concept of the brand and an understanding of your consumers which you have to convey to the designer. The logo design process will consist of framing the concept, preparing initial sketches, freezing on a logo concept, and finalizing the format and theme colors.

What Reactions could be Determined By

Designing a logo requires a fair amount of knowledge of the psychology of your target market. People react differently to colors, fonts, the general format, and layout. Reactions could be determined by age, color, cultural differences, reactions to symbols, or personal emotions. Knowing what would appeal to your market will help significantly with a quality and sharp logo design.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when working on your logo design.

  • Convey your concepts from the start. Make sure you and your logo designers are on the same page. You have to translate your concepts and needs to the designer right from the outset so both of you think on parallel lines. One of the best ways of getting your ideas across to the designer is to show samples which appeal to you. This will cut out a lot of guesswork.

  • Explain your business. Very often designers are left in the dark with very sketchy information. They are forced to read your mind and translate your ideas into an effective logo design. Treat your designer like your doctor. The more you tell him the better his diagnosis.

  • Detail your feedback. When the designer feels your needs have been understood, he/she will submit sample designs. If you like something, say so and give your reasons. It’s the same with samples you don’t like. Make your criticisms constructive. It will help the designer to zero in on what you are looking for.

Patience and Determination

These are a few steps which will take away much of the frustration, and help you get nearer a logo design which works for your company. It will certainly help the designer understand you better and cut out a whole heap of trial and error. With some patience and mutual cooperation you should soon fabricate just the right logo design you are looking for.


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