A quick Google search will tell you one thing for certain: if you are ever bored in Concord, North Carolina, you’re doing something wrong! Just typing the name of the city in brings up dozens of links about the “10 Best Things to do in Concord”, but the lists hardly ever limit themselves to only 10. For example, Trip Advisor had to list 46 different things because there are so many great places to go. In case you aren’t aware of some of the top-rated locations, let’s go through a few and see what you may be missing out on.
    Is it anyone’s surprise that the number one thing on everyone’s list is the Charlotte Motor Speedway? I mean, it is just about the most popular track in NASCAR after all. NASCAR is huge in North Carolina in case you haven’t noticed, so if you have anything related to the sport you will probably have that listed as the most popular attraction in your town. Luckily for Concord, you are the biggest city in Cabarrus county. This means that you are absolutely surrounded by everything NASCAR. Things like the Speedway and the Richard Petty Driving Experience are always guaranteed to be crowd pleasers. There are some other pretty exciting things to do in Concord that don’t have to do with NASCAR, though. Let’s talk about some of them for a change.
    Although this location is much like the Speedway in the sense of most people thinking that it’s in Charlotte, Great Wolf Lodge is ranked as a high destination in Concord. This chain of waterpark/hotel attractions has 15 locations across the country with another three slated to open within the next year or so. Having been to one myself, I can tell you that if you enjoy waterparks you will probably like it here. The nice thing about Great Wolf is that you don’t have to wait until the summer for it to open, although there are extra amenities depending on the season you visit. Much like Concord, you can find something different every time you visit!
    If you prefer a more laid-back sort of visit, Concord certainly has your back for that too. There are a bunch of brewing companies in town along with a winery or two as well. Some of the breweries serve food while others don’t, which is quite a change from what some people are used to. However, I have never once heard or read a negative review about any of the breweries in Concord, North Carolina. Now that is certainly something that is rare, so it’s well worth it to check them out and see what all of the fuss is about!
    Continuing on with the more relaxed vibe, there are a few parks that are local to Concord that are must sees whether you are just visiting or if you’ve lived there your whole life. First up is the Frank Liske Park. For a place without rides or high-octane fun like many of the other places that you can find on these lists, it may be surprising that the park is rated so high up on places to visit. However, between the paddle boats, the venues for parties, all of the community gatherings, the mini golf, and various sports fields it isn’t hard to see why everyone who visits seems to love it! Sometimes you just need to unwind from the hectic pace at which we live our lives and take a deep breath of fresh air to feel like yourself again.
    Another location similar to Frank Liske Park is the Memorial Garden at the First Presbyterian Church on Spring Street. Now it may be strange to think that we’re recommending a cemetery to unwind, but in March and April the flowers blooming there are something incredible to see. Many people like to visit in order to see the blooms and various small waterfalls and fountains that dot the area. It has been mentioned that it is one of the best outdoor locations to read as it is normally tranquil and peaceful.
    Why, you may ask, have we mentioned all of these locations? Well that answer is simple: none of them appeared on the Concord website! When looking at the list of places to go or things to do on Concord’s official website, none of these places seem to be promoted. Having a solid SEO company can help make sure that all of your best assets are placed in plain view for everyone to learn about which is why it is so important. Give us a call and see what we can do to help you become known for maybe more than just your NASCAR connections. After all, Concord has more than enough to appeal to people with every kind of interest, so why not make sure they know it?