There are few places in North Carolina that are cooler to visit (and live) than Kannapolis. A relatively small town considering its proximity to Charlotte, Kannapolis is home to about 48,000 people today. With its nearly 32 square miles, you can be sure that almost every inch is packed with something exciting and interesting. One such example is that of the North Carolina Research Center.
A 350 acre campus, the North Carolina Research Center sees people from eight different universities (including Duke, Appalachian State, and UNC) come together in an attempt to improve human health. While the focus is mostly on nutrition, the research centers are working to make our lives better each and every day in more ways than we can imagine. The Research Center sees members from all walks of life come together, including that of corporate sponsors. Companies like Dole and BioArmor have partnered with the center to make sure that the city of Kannapolis, and people around the world, can continue to benefit from the work that is going on inside the walls.
While having these corporate and community sponsors helps an incredible amount, the Center still relies quite a bit on grants from public, private, and federal organizations. While they are currently making leaps and bounds in food and agriculture-related research, I can’t help but wonder how much more they could accomplish if more people knew about and donated to their cause. This is why it is so important for research centers like this to have a good SEO company behind them.
The North Carolina Research Campus does have its own website, which you can find here. However, if you look on Google for “food research centers” or even “food research centers in America”, it will take you multiple pages to find this. In fact, it isn’t until you type in “food research centers in North Carolina” that you even begin to see this website. With a center like this doing the incredible work that it is, you definitely want to make sure that as many people know about it as possible. Given the way that the North Carolina Research Center is ranked on Google, it is much more unlikely that people will know about this center than say the Minneapolis Research and Development Center. This is something that we can help through our unique method of SEO techniques.
The Research Center isn’t the only incredible thing that calls Kannapolis home that is difficult to find through a Google search. For example, without specifically searching the name it was nearly impossible to find the Gem Theatre. The website, found here, is full of the incredible history of this unique venue. From its New Years Eve opening in 1936, to its tragic, unexplained fire in 1942, the Gem has seen it all. Not only is it one of the oldest single-screen movie theatres in continuous operation, but its history as a distribution center for ration coupons during WWII means that it has more than earned its place in the historical registry. The Gem has seen live performances as well, such as Roy Rogers who was accompanied by his faithful horse Trigger, Tex Ritter, Grand Ole Opry, and many more. In my honest (and slightly bias) opinion, any place that has seen so much change both in its own appearance and in the way the world around it has changed deserves to be better known than this incredible theatre seems to be.
Another place in Kannapolis that we would never want people to miss is the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame! This location is an incredible resource when it comes to musicians that have ties to this wonderful state. Some of the inductees include huge names like Charlie Daniels, John Coltrane, Kate Smith, and Nina Simone. Almost 80 musicians have been named in this Hall of Fame and each one has earned their place through hard work, perseverance, and a lot of dedication to their art. Many of them are people who have found their way into our hearts by speaking in a language that is universal and often much more expressive than we can fathom. If someone is coming to Kannapolis, it would be almost a crime for them to not visit the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.
Kannapolis may be a small town by many metrics, but it has so much to offer anyone who cares to look. Sometimes however, in order to get these people to walk through the doors to these incredible locations, we need to make sure they know about them. Having an SEO company to promote what you have to offer is the perfect way to increase tourism and income to your town. Give us a call and see what we can do to help you let everyone know about a place as wonderful as Kannapolis!