What is SEM? What is SEM?

SEM, although similar in sound, has nothing to do with sleep or music. Really it’s rather a shame, as music is a wonderful thing and I could always use more sleep. I don’t know about you, but I am always exhausted. We should all have company nap time. Nap time sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it boss? Maybe we can have graham crackers and apple juice too? Please?

Well, maybe we can ask again another day. Keep asking until they give in. Nap time should be a right. Until then, I will have to try and not make you fall asleep while listening to things like SEM. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Once upon a time, it also fell under the umbrella term of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Now, however, we have learned the error of our ways and realized that they are two rather different things. You see, search engine optimization is making sure that your site comes up when your product or service is searched for. Search engine marketing, however, is paying to make sure that your result is given a special place of honor on a search engine result page.

Type something into Google. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Look up sleeping bags. You see on the top of the page where there are two or three ads before the beginning of the regular results? Do you see on the side where there are blocks that have pictures in them that are also ads? That’s what SEM is. Search engine marketing means that you can buy a spot close to the top of the page on a search engine result to ensure that your product is seen before someone else’s. Google and other search engines allow you to search almost directly from the result page. Google even has a tab just for shopping. By paying this company, you can make sure that some of that money is returned by getting your product seen first.

Now that you’ve sat through this explanation of buying places in line, grab that blanket and pillow out of your bottom drawer. Don’t worry, I’ll keep watch. You deserve that nap. Maybe tomorrow I’ll grab some crackers from the break room and slip them to you. I hope you wake up refreshed.