Meta Descriptions and Marketing Meta Descriptions and Marketing

Meta Descriptions and Marketing

Meta descriptions are extremely important to your website and no, I’m not being meta about meta descriptions. See, meta descriptions are like flavor text in Cards Against Humanity. Do you know when you search for something on line and under the website or article name you see that smaller text that shows why you got a hit with that site from your search? That, my friends, is the meta description. It can be thought of as a short snippet or preview to your webpage or article. It’s longer than a headline, but much shorter than the entire article.

Meta descriptions are important to catch people’s attention in their search. It’s used a lot like the first couple of sentences in a book. If you were to open a book and read the first sentence and have it be boring or non-sensical, you’d probably not want to continue reading through the rest of the page, let alone the entire novel. Meta descriptions work the same. How many times have you been searching for something online, looked at the text below the link, and not found what you were looking for? Now, it’s very possible that this article or webpage had exactly what you had been looking for. However, a bad meta description made you overlook the page and you lost out on the find of a lifetime. This is exactly what we don’t want to happen to you!

You have little time to capture the attention of a possible client on a search engine result page, or a SERP as they are commonly referred to. This means that your meta description needs to be short, to the point, and yet interesting enough to keep the attention of the reader. This is normally a nice and easy process to insert into your webpage, especially depending on the program that you are using for your site. Now, do remember that meta descriptions aren’t used as a ranking signal, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important! The meta description, as I said before, will highly influence the rate of traffic to your webpage from a search engine that brought up your page. If you stick around a little longer, maybe I’ll even be nice enough to explain how to write a good one. You have to stay here though, okay? Don’t go anywhere!

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