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Everyone likes cookies here, right? I’ve always personally been skeptical of people who didn’t like cookies, there’s just something almost unnatural about not liking them. I mean, there are so many different kinds. How could you possibly not find a single kind of cookie that you can tolerate?

Oh, sorry, I’ve just been informed I’m supposed to be talking about the electronic kinds of cookies. Those are much less tasty. You are very lucky it is so close to Christmas. That means my family has made cookies so I can get some soon. Teasing me with food is not very nice. So yeah, the electronic kind of cookies. I mean, I guess they’re important too. Especially if you want me to talk about site retargeting.

Site retargeting is also known as site remarketing. This is because it markets your website and brand even if the person is on another website. Pretty sneaky, right? Cookies can track where someone has gone on the internet and what they’ve looked for. Like a trail of breadcrumbs, or cookie crumbs I guess, the websites can follow someone’s web searches and show your website in an ad while on a different web page. It’s kind of like Hansel and Gretel, only hopefully without the evil witch and cooking children.

Now, the one downfall with this is that it cannot bring more people to your site. In order for someone to be captured by the site cookies, they need to visit your site. I mean, I’m not going to stand outside somewhere offering someone Thin Mints, but if someone comes into my house and I like them a lot the maybe they’ll get one or two. Just because it doesn’t bring new people to the website doesn’t mean it’s useless though.

Cookies that are used for site retargeting are meant to recapture someone who had been on your webpage before. Perhaps they looked around a lot but just didn’t buy anything. They’re electronically window shopping. Well by showing them your product again without them having to go to your site, you make them realize just how much they wanted that doggie in the window. You know, the one with the waggily tail. Thankfully, we know that this doggie is for sale.

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