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Google Analytics - Kannapolis Web Design

If you have had your computer for any amount of time, the chances are that you know what a powerhouse Google as a company is. It has managed to worm its way into the common vernacular of just about every person we may know. Even my father, who is almost 75 years old, uses the term “Google it” when he wants to find something out. This is the same man who, a few months ago, I had to help him get into his email because he somehow got signed out and didn’t know how to get back in.

My point is that almost everyone we may come into contact with will know in some way what Google is. Nearly every person I do business with has a Gmail account and uses Google Chrome as their web browser. Sometimes it can seem almost frightening just how much Google provides to us on a daily basis, but at the same time this means that they are likely the best at whatever it is they are doing. When you own a company, you certainly want something like that working for you and never against you.

Google Analytics is no exception to the fact that Google provides some of the best services to us in regards to the internet. Although the little dinosaur game on Chrome and the artwork for different days of importance are wonderful, what I am talking about is something that is much more substantial. The incredible things that Google gives us in regards to helping our business are almost too many to name, but I will do my best. For this, I will indeed start with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a “freemium web analytics” service that is provided through this company. This is, as you can expect from a company that is worth so much, a brilliant and wonderful thing. Freemium means that the basic service is free, but the premium services are only available if you pay for them. If you go on your phone and see a free app that says “requires in app purchases”, it is rather similar. It’s really the web analytics that we are interested in here.

If you haven’t previously heard of Google Analytics, then be prepared to be singing its praises by the end of the next article you read. That is, at least, if you read them in the proper order.