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Google Analytics is Not Just for Big Businesses Google Analytics is Not Just for Big Businesses

Google Analytics is Not Just for Big Businesses

If you haven’t heard of Google Analytics by now, you are in for a world changing article here. We all know that Google is a giant in regards to many things. They are, of course, most known for their search engine, but they have their own email server, Google Docs, and dozens of other things. They even own Youtube and Android. I will admit, I’m rather envious of the people who bought stock in Google when they were first starting out, they must have made a killing on the growth.
Either way, Google Analytics is another program that Google has (in case you couldn’t tell by their name in the title) that is making everyone’s lives easier. Well, maybe not everyone’s, but at least people like you. Business owners across the globe have realized how useful Google Analytics is and now it’s your turn. Ready? Here we go!
Google Analytics is a “freemium” program, which means that it is free unless you want the premium features, which you most likely will. This program can track and report back to you the amount of traffic your website receives and is now even available as an app for both Android and Apple users so you can track this on the go! There is also a subscription based version, called Google Analytics 360. The beauty of this technology is that you can use it to track your site’s traffic even if you don’t use Google to advertise!
Google Analytics has been a thing since 2005, when Google acquired Urchin Software Corp in April of that year. By that November, Google had re-branded the software and was signing people up for the program. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses even if they did have the best problem to have. There were too many people who wanted to use their service and it took Google until August of 2006 to have the capability to make the program open to all who were interested. Thankfully for you, that was ten years ago (oh my goodness that’s frightening) and now the software works even better than when it was first adopted by the giant company.
We heavily suggest using Google Analytics to track your site traffic. Not only will you get a better idea of how much you need to advertise, the numbers will help an SEO company to see what needs to be done for optimal results. Check it out and see how much of a difference it makes to you!

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