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Google Website Ranking Factors Google Website Ranking Factors

Google Website Ranking Factors

Why is it we always seem to have a ranking system for things? I mean, for some things it’s good. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a world without the health department having rankings for cleanliness or where Rotten Tomatoes wouldn’t tell me if a movie stunk or not before I wasted my money on it. I certainly could have done without the “hotness rating” situation during high school, but I’m sure most of us could have. Unfortunately, lists and ranking systems have followed us through the weird years and have found us once again. Google has ranking factors which they use to choose which sites they display on the top of the results page. What are these factors you ask? Well, let’s see.

There’s a lot of them. It’s cute that you thought I was going to type them all out, but the problem is I really can’t. Now, a quick search on Google itself for the factors will lead you to results, but they’re all different. There are dozens of different pages which boast a complete and updated list of the ranking factors, but no two have the exact same factors listed. Not working for Google myself, I wouldn’t want to just pick and choose what sounded cool and put them down. These websites are certainly worth a read, though. You never know if you might be missing one or two things on that list that could help you.

We do know that google uses this algorithm and it has over 200 different factors that go into it. These factors are based on the domain name, the age of the site, the specific content, and so much more. Whatever they use and however the algorithm is created, I can certainly tell you it is well understood by Carolina Idea.

Taking a look at these lists of ranking factors can make your head swim a bit, so I suggest tackling a few at a time. There are a couple of sites that made graphics for them so they’re a bit easier to follow. Honestly, it’s better than reading 200 lines of plain text about what you may or may not be doing wrong with your business’ website.