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What is SEO? What is SEO?

All these new acronyms drive me crazy. I see a new one and eventually they all seem to blur into a bad batch of alphabet soup. SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is actually one of the more important ones in regards to business, so maybe it should be on the top of the bowl. Search engine optimization is the process of ensuring your site will show up near the top of a search of the web on Google or the like. This is done through the use of key words and other little tips that different businesses know. After all, if you’re trying to sell alphabet soup, you’re not going to spend web space talking about cookies, are you? I mean, you might, cookies are good, but you shouldn’t talk about them too much at least.

By using a type of SEO process, you can manage to leap frog to the top of any web search for something that your business sells. Think of when you wanted to buy a new television set. You didn’t type in “color tv” because they’re all color now. You probably typed in a brand if you had one in mind, possibly the dimensions, and any specs that you were looking for. You probably clicked through a couple of web pages until you found one you liked and then ordered it and went back to watch Stranger Things on your computer so you would be caught up with everyone else. It’s rare anyone goes past a page or two on search engines like Google or Yahoo, so you want to be sure that your company is up near the top. This is done through SEO and it can be a bit of a tricky business.

Search engines look up your inquiry by seeing how many times those keywords are used in a single site and how much traffic it gets. Without the keywords, there’s less traffic. It can turn into a catch 22, especially if you’re looking for something like banned books. By making sure that you have as many keywords on your website as possible, your site can catapult to the top of that search list and who doesn’t want to be in first place? Being on top feels good in business, just be sure that whatever you’re selling isn’t too pointy.