The Trend of the Video Blog The Trend of the Video Blog

The Trend of the Video Blog

Since you’re reading a blog right now, I’m going to take a guess that you know what they are. If not, I’m sure you’ll catch up rather quickly. Obviously, most blogs are textual entries onto a website or part of a website that is dedicated specifically to the writings. However, there is a trend that is popping up more and more. It is the trend of the video blog.

Video blogs, or vlogs as they are affectionately known, have been slowly growing in popularity over the past few years. They can be posted either on the company page or on video sharing sites such as YouTube. Some companies post them on both to ensure that they will be seen by as many people as possible. Encouraging people who watch your company’s video blogs to subscribe to your YouTube channel can help drum up more support and traffic to your videos which is always a good thing.

Video blogs are a wonderful tool to use when it comes to spreading information for your company. Unlike text, a video helps to reduce the risk of someone reading something in a tone or voice that you didn’t intend to occur. Besides, people normally like to see a face to match to words they are hearing or reading. To some, there is something cold and detached about words on a computer screen as opposed to a video where they can hear the information you want to pass out.

Video blogs also help some people who may have difficulty reading. There are multiple learning disabilities which make it easier for people to learn things by listening than by reading. Having a video blog can help people who experience this, and including a transcript may help those with sensory disorders or hearing problems. There are many ways to make your information more accessible to everyone, and video blogs certainly help.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you what kind of blog you want to have on your website. You may choose one or the other, or you may have both. Whichever you decide, we hope that it works out for you. After all, it takes a lot of work to make sure that your company stands apart from others. This is just another way to make sure yours does exactly that.