Why Advertise on Facebook? Why Advertise on Facebook?

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Who doesn’t like social media, am I right?? Okay, so a lot of us don’t actually like it, but we still use it. Funny, really, but it’s one of the best ways to keep up with the important things in life. We get to see our loved ones, new babies, adorable kitten videos, what that weird kid you went to high school with had for dinner last night, the critical things we need to know. Okay, so that last one might not be important, but we see it anyway. In fact, we see everything on social media. Sometimes, we see way too much. Some people are just determined to share their entire lives on different sites and most of it just goes in one ear and out the other. While yeah, that chicken parmesan casserole may have looked really good, it doesn’t help us if we can’t eat it! Every now and then, though, we do see something important on these websites. Some things just manage to catch our eye. This is when things get really interesting.

I’m not talking about click bait or the latest Buzzfeed video, no, I’m talking about something that could have an actual impact on our lives. While what is going on to those we love is influential, sometimes we get to see something we were looking for. We’re just scrolling along when all of a sudden, there it is. The one service you had been hoping to find for months. Maybe it’s a doctor, maybe it’s a type of jewelry that you wanted, maybe it’s a way to remind you of important dates, but there it is. We follow link after link until we are happy with what we found. Being on the internet normally gives us a short attention span and that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you can catch someone’s eye with your beautiful advert posted right in the middle of a news feed.

Advertising on Facebook or other social media sites is one of the most surefire ways to get your product seen. Now that so many sites use data from your searches, it’s even easier! Anyone can find your product even if they aren’t really trying, and isn’t that a beautiful thing? Perhaps we can look farther into it soon, so in the meantime, check out that new viral video of the bird acting like a human.