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For a town with just about 1,800 people, Mount Pleasant certainly has more to offer than meets the eye. This is clearly becoming more and more well known as the highways are connecting more towns and locations together, Mount Pleasant included. This means that the town will likely be experiencing a boom of sorts soon, but it is almost impossible to tell how large that boom will be. Naturally, you’re going to want to try and promote your town as much as possible in order to increase the chance that people will get to see just how incredible it really is.

The town of Mount Pleasant was founded in 1848 and it is keen on keeping up the incredible history that it has had. Considering the local lore states that people began gathering in what is now known as Mount Pleasant as early as the middle of the 1700’s, it isn’t hard to understand why history is so important to the people who live there. It has gone through many names before finally getting to be known as Mount Pleasant, but it has always been given some form of positive identifier. Known as a stopping place between two large towns, it has long been a place for people to escape from the hectic lifestyle so many lead and lay back for a little bit. Although Mount Pleasant and North Carolina both have been brought into the 21st century, you can always find a bit of yesterday if you know where to look.

When speaking about the historical aspect of Mount Pleasant, one cannot ignore the Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute. These buildings date back to 1852 when the Western Carolina Male Academy was formed by the North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. The Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute was in operation until 1933 when it was finally forced to close. When the National Register of Historic Places was established in 1980, these buildings were actually the first in Cabarrus County to be recognized by the organization. There are six buildings that make up the Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute, but the main one now houses the Eastern Cabarrus Historical Society Museum. This is a classic example of how this town sees the value in what has been created in the past and utilizes as much as possible instead of tearing down something perfectly functional only to put up something new.

Of course, with a history that dates back as far as Mount Pleasant’s does, there isn’t only one place that can be considered for something like the historical society. In fact, there is an entire historic district in the town that stretches through the town’s two main streets. While walking along these roads through the district, you can almost follow the growth of the town from its inception to modern day. While the development was a tad slower in Mount Pleasant than other surrounding towns due to the lack of a railroad stop, it has kept up as best as possible while still making sure to stay true to its roots.

In the little over three square miles that make up Mount Pleasant, there are four entries onto the National Register of Historic Places. Considering two of these are not individual buildings but entire complexes, this is a most incredible thing. To have that many buildings still up, serviceable, and in use is rare for any sized town, let alone one as geographically tiny as Mount Pleasant. It is certainly something that the residents and management of the area should be proud of.

One of the most upsetting things about this town, however, is that barely anyone has ever heard of it! A search looking for the best small towns in North Carolina turned up no evidence of Mount Pleasant even existing and if you ask me, that’s just criminal. With all of the incredible things that Cabarrus County has to offer, I thought that this would have shown up somewhere. For anyone who loves history, Mount Pleasant is a must visit. This is the type of angle that can be used by computer programmers and SEO workers to drum up interest in the tourism department of the town.

Although some towns don’t get much revenue from tourism, it certainly never hurts to have that little extra income. This is especially true in a place as small as Mount Pleasant. After the Civil War, the expansion of this town wasn’t as great as some of the larger ones and some may argue that the economy still isn’t as strong. This is why you need to be able to promote your area to those who would be interested in visiting or even moving in. With all of the historical background that Mount Pleasant has, it would be easy to get people to spend a few days and help give that extra boost. Give us a call and see what we can do to help you and all of Mount Pleasant!

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