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If you have ever struggled to make your own website, you know how much of a pain it can be. It’s a stressful activity that never seems to turn out just the way you wanted it to. Using certain programs or subscriptions, such as Squarespace, can get expensive and are still often hair-pulling experiences. No one really wants to go bald over making a better website, and they definitely don’t want to have to pay to do so. That’s why I’m here to tell you about an incredible program from a rather unlikely source. It is called Twitter Bootstrap.

Twitter Bootstrap has a rather long history as far as anything online can go, but in the past several years it has really flourished. Bootstrap is now a favorite website development program of people who are running their own small businesses and trying to go through most of this alone. Personally, I have a few friends who have created their websites with Twitter Bootstrap and they always thank me for letting them know that it exists. While you still have to pay for things like a domain name, their favorite part is the actual program of Bootstrap is completely free.

Oh yes, you read that right. It is rare anymore that you can get something for free. Look at CBS All Access for an example. Even if you already pay for cable or satellite, you need to pay an extra fee to watch something online from CBS. While it seems like much of the world is heading in that direction, Twitter Bootstrap is one of those rare exceptions that still provides a service without bleeding you dry. If you are just starting a new business, you know how incredibly important every penny that you save can be.

Having Twitter Bootstrap in your corner is one of the best things to be sure of if you are a new business owner. While you may not be able to write the code for your whole website, you should still be able to create and customize your own. This is why Bootstrap offers their program for free for anyone who needs it. Check it out if you are thinking of putting together a new website or even just updating your current one. You never know, you may just find something you like more than what you have now.

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